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Alternative title:
Maid In Hanaukyo
花右京メイド隊 (Japanese)
Genres: comedy, romance
Themes: Maids
Age rating: Mature (May contain ***, drugs, and extreme graphic violence)
Plot Summary: After losing his mother, 12-year-old Taro journeys to Tokyo to live with his grandfather. But he gets the biggest surprise when he discovers that his grandfather's home is a huge mansion with hundreds of beautiful maids ready to serve him. Making matters worse (at least for Taro, but not for our viewing) is that not only does he inherit the Hanaukyo mansion, he gets the services of all of the maids 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

rapidshare.com hanaukyo_maids_ep_01__ac_.avi
rapidshare.com hanaukyo_maids_ep_02__ac_.avi
rapidshare.com hanaukyo_maids_ep_03__ac_.avi
rapidshare.com hanaukyo_maids_ep_04__ac_.avi
rapidshare.com hanaukyo_maids_ep_05__ac_.avi
rapidshare.com hanaukyo_maids_ep_06__ac_.avi
rapidshare.com hanaukyo_maids_ep_07__ac_.avi
rapidshare.com hanaukyo_maids_ep_08__ac_.avi
rapidshare.com hanaukyo_maids_ep_09__ac_.avi
rapidshare.com hanaukyo_maids_ep_10__ac_.avi
rapidshare.com hanaukyo_maids_ep_11__ac_.avi
rapidshare.com hanaukyo_maids_ep_12__ac_.avi
rapidshare.com hanaukyo_maids_ep_13__ac_.avi
rapidshare.com hanaukyo_maids_ep_14__ac_.avi
rapidshare.com hanaukyo_maids_ep_15__ac_.avi

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